They finally ‘get it’ - migration mayhem means building new cities

They finally ‘get it’ - migration mayhem means building new cities

Published on Fri, 11/12/2015 - 15:12


‘Open Borders’ sounded such a good idea at University but there is a lot more to it. Massive, uncontrolled migrations in recent years from the EU mean having to house, school, nurse, feed and find jobs for HUNDREDS of thousands of extra people. Traffic & transport systems are bursting, London and the South East in particular are often gridlocked.


It’s not just the odd housing development that’s needed, the sheer numbers (around a third of a million net each year, the population of Newcastle for example) mean we really need to build new cities. Millions of people have come to Britain in recent years and membership of the EU means untold numbers more will keep coming.


But so often, when UKIP has the guts to raise the issue of immigration, the same old insult of 'racists' gets shouted from the same old group of people on the Left in politics. This easy insult saves them having to think or debate the real issues, objectively. Ironically, most of the people calling us racist are white, middle class liberals, whereas UKIP has many black, Asian and ethnic miority supporters and activists.


IT'S NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE! It's about space...for housing, for hospital beds, for school places, for roads in rush hour and train capacities. We're also 'stealing' the young and energetic from former communist countries, which is plain folly when we have 1.75 million unemployed of our own. Membership of the EU means allowing ANYONE with an EU passport - even known criminals - unconditional access to our country and welfare.


UKIP has many supporters from former Commonwealth countries and beyond but qualified people are restricted from entering Britain in favour of anyone, good or bad, from the EU. It's madness.








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