Most silly 'Remainers' haven't a CLUE what the EU is really all about....

population replacement is the main objective of the EU and UN...

Most silly 'Remainers' haven't a CLUE what the EU is really all about....

Published on Thu, 15/11/2018 - 11:44

The 'Common Market' was just the first lie...


The great European Union project was never really about a 'Common Market' or trade, that's just a smokescreen to fool people who can only think about their personal money, not the bigger picture.


This man thinks the EU is heading for catastrophe, WATCH THIS!


The Tories are too weak and feeble to protect our porous borders: READ HERE


This is why 'Project Fear' has always focused on trying to scare people about the economy but said nothing about the colossal numbers of unvetted migrants pouring into Europe and Britain. The EU is dishing out around 1 million new citizenships a year. British immigration has been running at around 200/300,000 people net per annum for many years now, that's the population of somewhere like Newcastle every year. And migrants don't bring houses, we have to build them.



Of course, any debate about immigration gets liberals shouting 'RACIST!' before considering that plenty of people of ALL races do not want more uncontrolled, unvetted immigration. It is not 'racist' to want to control who comes into the country, for many simple practical reasons, such as do we have hospitals, schools, GPs, jobs, road space, train space...for them all. It is also very wrong to steal other countries' brightest, best and youngest when we already have more than a million people unemployed of our own.


The Guardian reported long ago how Albanians made up a large proportion of people entering Britain illegally through East coast ports. The Tories 'in power' have done nothing about it: READ HERE


THE LATEST DATA for the year ending March 2018. Immigration 614,000 people, emigration 344,000 (bear in mind that most people emigrating will have skills, qualifications, capital or pensions going with them). The NET figure therefore is 271,000. Remember how the Tories talked about getting immigration down to 'tens of thousands'? Just another bare faced lie. Source: Migration Watch/ONS


It gets worse...


Behind our backs, the Tories, Labour and LibDems have been quietly supporting new international treaties to enable MORE immigration from Africa and the Middle East, regardless of peoples' suitability or intention to even attempt integration into Western society.  You won't have seen this on the BBC or SkyNews: DECEPTION


And worse still. The United Nations Global Compact on Migration. A nightmare for your children...


The EU has become a German dominated Empire and worse, is favouring unvetted immigration from outside of Europe, similar to the ideas of the very strange Richard Coudenhove Kalergi WIKI. The EU is dishing out citizenships at an alarming rate, 994,800 in the last full year of statistics HERE




WATCH THIS VIDEO...our media are 'lying by omission' not talking about this HERE


UKIP DAILY on the detail of the 'Global Compact on Migration': HERE

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