The elephant in the room - we cannot ignore it much longer

- just look at the numbers, it's unsustainable

The elephant in the room - we cannot ignore it much longer

Published on Tue, 20/03/2018 - 13:50

​​Britain has a massive housing crisis.​ ​A child could work out why:​ ​excessive, often unvetted​ ​immigration. But few adults will ​talk about it honestly because they’re​ ​terrified of being called racist. But​ ​it has nothing to do with race. It’s​ ​about school places, gridlocked roads,​ ​strain on the NHS, packed trains - and​ ​how much we value our environment.


Conservatives, LibDems, Labour and​ ​OLRG are all tiptoeing around​ ​the elephant. They fool themselves​ ​with slogans like ‘it’s good for the​ ​economy’. But it isn’t when you add in​ ​housing and social costs. And it’s​ ​crushing wages, particularly for young​ ​people.


The numbers are ridiculous. Recent​ ​data from the Office for National​ ​Statistics shows 578,000 migrants​ ​coming to Britain in just one year. And​ ​we’re losing people with skills and​ ​assets: 334,000 people left​  (mainly for​ ​the US, Australia and Spain) so a net​ ​244,000 people. Almost 2.5 million​ ​people have come to the UK in the last​ ​ten years. The proposed new 'garden​ ​communities' ('newspeak' for 4000 unit​ ​housing estates) will mostly be for​ ​people migrating out of London. There​ ​is no system for reserving affordable​ ​homes for young people locally.


Immigration without integration is a​ ​big problem. Data from the EU’s own​ ​statistical unit Eurostat shows EU​ ​countries handing out citizenships at a​n alarming rate. The most recent year of data​ ​shows 994,800 citizenships given to​ ​‘non-Europeans’, top source countries​ ​were Morocco, Albania, Turkey and​ ​India. Italy issued 178,000 new EU​ ​citizenships in a year, but Italy has the​ ​third highest youth unemployment​ ​problem in the EU at 31.5% after​ ​Greece 43.7% and Spain 36%. We​ ​should not boast of importing other​ ​countries’ nurses, we should train our​ ​own. Leaving the EU will only be a start​ ​to controlling our borders.


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(1) Full year migration data above is​ ​from the ONS February 2018 quarterly report.








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