FIVE Surrey Councillors defect to UKIP, saying 'Conservatives are acting against residents'

FIVE Surrey Councillors defect to UKIP

FIVE Surrey Councillors defect to UKIP, saying 'Conservatives are acting against residents'

Published on Fri, 24/02/2017 - 09:34

FIVE Spelthorne Borough Councillors join UKIP


UKIP is pleased to announce that five Spelthorne Borough Councillors have joined UKIP. The five councillors are Denise Saliagopoulos and Joanne Sexton, who were long-standing Conservatives and represent Riverside & Laleham and Ashford  North & Stanwell South respectively, and two Independents, Quentin Edginton (Riverside & Laleham) and Penny ForbesForsyth (Staines South). Later Councillor Kevin Flurry joined the defectors.


Explaining their decision, Councillor Sexton said: “Councillor Saliagopoulos and I have each served our good residents loyally, always putting them first. We cannot tolerate the way in which Spelthorne Borough Council is now being governed by the Conservatives, which we consider to be undemocratic, lacking in transparency and against the interests of our residents. We have decided that, to be able to hold the administration to account in the way our residents expect and to deliver on our promises to them, we must leave the Conservatives and join UKIP.”


Explaining their decision, Councillor Forbes-Forsyth said: “Councillor Edgington and I are pleased to be joining Councillors Sagliagopoulos and Sexton in forming the largest opposition group on Spelthorne Borough Council. We believe it is time for change; residents have had enough of the rule of the Conservatives in Spelthorne. The Conservatives will no longer have an easy ride and will be held to account. We very much look forward to carrying out vital scrutiny of the Conservatives on behalf of Spelthorne’s residents and local taxpayers.”


Welcoming the four councillors’ decision to join UKIP, Redvers Cunningham who is Chairman of the local Constituency Association, said: “We are delighted that four such experienced councillors have joined the local UKIP team. They recognise that their values of putting people first and ensuring that local government is conducted in an open, transparent and democratic way are shared by UKIP. They express the dismay of so many former Conservative supporters who feel let down by the current administration. I would encourage anyone else who feels the same way to join the UKIP team in Spelthorne, which provides the only viable local alternative to the Conservatives, and help bring about the change that is so desperately needed.”


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Contact: Redvers Cunningham - 07850064581 Denise Saliagopoulos - 01784454420

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