Conservatives want to switch off streetlights at night - 'A gift to criminals' - UKIP spokesman

Conservatives want to switch off streetlights at night - 'A gift to criminals' - UKIP spokesman

Conservatives want to switch off streetlights at night - 'A gift to criminals' - UKIP spokesman

Published on Fri, 03/02/2017 - 10:28

Conservative Surrey County Council want to turn off our street lights at night


- it's a gift for criminals.


UKIP commonsense versus 'expensive studies by consultants'...


Conservatives who have given themselves inflation busting pay rises now want to SAVE money by switching off street lights at night. Highly paid 'consultants' have apparently 'proved' that night time street lighting doesn't reduce crime.  'Nonsense' says UKIP's Michael Foulston, 'we have low night time crime BECAUSE of street lighting after dark'.


Money saved? No, a dangerous, false economy...


The false economy of money saved is around £200,000. To get that in perspective, Conservative Surrey County Council spend far more than that each year, providing free translation services to people who won't learn English, to help them access our generous benefits system. They spend £1 million a year on the Surrey Matters Magazine, which only tells residents what the Conservatives want them to hear and little about the real issues affecting Surrey's future, such as vast new house building, a lot of it on Green Belt. Conservatives in Surrey spend nearly £1 million a year providing private taxis for some schoolkids to get to school.


Phone the police...then  phone for a PIZZA and see which comes first!


Endless cuts in police budgets, at a time of BILLIONS wasted by Conservatives, has resulted in a stretched police force covering the whole of Surrey. We don't just need police to be able respond quickly to a crisis, we want them to be much more visible on our streets and on our roads.


From the Dorking Advertiser recently...

Delays in plan to switch off street lights in Surrey leads to petition to stop scheme
A planned programme to turn off street lights across Surrey during certain hours at night has been delayed.
Information on Surrey County Council's website shows that implementation of their 'part-night lighting scheme', which will mean lights in thousands of roads will be switched off between midnight and 5am, has been delayed by about a month.
While the delay to work getting underway goes on Gerald Harvard, 60, is calling for the scheme to be scrapped altogether because he does not believe the projected savings justify the possible rise in crime and antisocial behaviour it could lead to.
Mr Harvard, of Kingston Road in Leatherhead, said: "I just feel that this is something that central government have to have a say in
"I feel the projected savings in Surrey of £210,000 a year from switching off the lights is an insignificant amount in the grand scheme of things when viewed against the potential adverse effect on crime and safety.
"This amount, and more, could be saved by ditching the chief executive post, stopping publishing Surrey Matters or cutting back on consultants.
"It just typifies the out of touch attitude SCC have towards the people who fund them."
Mr Harvard has set up a petition on the Government's official website in a bid to keep streetlights on in Mole Valley, Tandridge, Reigate and Banstead - petitions/176894
Surrey County Councillor for Dorking Stephen Cooksey has previously led opposition to the part-night lighting scheme, affecting 44,000 lights, arguing that street lights play a key role in resident safety.
Phase one of the part-night lighting scheme was implemented in December when lights in Guildford Borough, Surrey Heath and Waverley were switched off.
Phase two, which will include turning off all or some lights on 662 roads in Mole Valley and 1,151 roads in Reigate and Banstead, was originally due to be implemented in January but has now been delayed until an unknown start date in February.
While phase three, which includes switching off all or some lights on 595 roads in Tandridge, was originally scheduled for February but is now listed on the SCC website as being planned for "February/March".
Most roads affected in the phases are in residential areas.
A statement on the SCC website says the delay is because site visits still need to be completed and and final meetings have to take place between Surrey Police and the council's road safety teams.
However, when asked why these visits and meetings were not able to be arranged in time for the initial implantation dates a spokesman for the council did not answer and instead replied with a short statement.
The SCC spokesman said: "The next phase of the streetlight switch-off will be rolled out once all the safety meetings have taken place to confirm the roads involved in the scheme."
SCC were also asked for more specific dates for when the lights in each district would be turned off but did not answer.
A full list of road affected by the part-night lighting scheme can be found on the SCC website:

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