A series of wake up calls for the liberal luvvie Left...

2016 a hard year for the Liberals, Labour and the luvvie Left...

A series of wake up calls for the liberal luvvie Left...

Published on Sat, 19/11/2016 - 09:24

2016 has been a hard year for the Liberals, Labour and the luvvie left who inhabit BBC 'news' and current affairs.


BRITAIN'S WORST MP? Anna Soubry's constituents voted 54% in favour of leaving the EU but she refuses to accept their vote >>> CLICK HERE


BREXIT: The rejection by 17.4 million voters of their beloved pie-in-the-sky European Union of love and harmony was a bitter blow for the Left, they still can't see that the crumbling EU is really just a massively expensive con trick benefitting bureaucrats, billionaires and bent politicians. The costs are huge, the fraud endemic, the accounts never signed off. It's a project for a political superstate with only a pretence of democracy and in mainland Europe it has triggered massive unemployment and decay. It has pointlessly encouraged millions of people to leave their homes in Eastern Europe for low paid work  in Western Europe, it has destroyed prospects for countries emerging from that other failed political experiment, Communism, which half the British Labour Party and large numbers of Britain's university lecturers STILL dream about, in spite of its achievements being little more than appalling cars, bad teeth and Gulags that murdered more people than Adolf Hitler.


COMEDY CORNER! YOU COULDN'T MAKE IT UP! The not-very-Liberal-or-Democratic LibDems are calling for a SECOND REFERENDUM...because they didn't get the result they wanted! The single market fuss is a red herring; EU countries will still trade with us because we buy MUCH MORE from them than they buy from us. THE REAL ISSUES are Sovereignty, Self Determination and having 100% control of our own borders. 


Liberal Democrat Sarah Olney torn to pieces in embarrassing interview on Talk Radio: HERE


MIDDLE EAST MAYHEM. The left wing BBC went on and on and on about 'the Arab spring' in 2014/5 but predictably, countries in the Middle East and North Africa with 'help' from the clumsy West, simply replaced one set of nasty dictators with even nastier dictators, causing millions to flee in desperation for Europe but amongst them of course, were many jihadis. In 2015 and 2016 (so far) 300 hundred people in Western Europe were slaughtered by terrorists  and over a thousand grievously injured. And the Left's response? 'Don't mention Islam, silence anyone who does, keep giving them Bake Off and Strictly Come Dancing'. 


THE US ELECTIONS: Another shock for the Left! Donald Trump wins in the United States! Oh no! He wants to control immigration! How awful! He wants to confront Islamic extremism and stop pretending it isn't a problem. This outburst of democracy is all too much for the peaceful luvvies to bear, so they staged violent rampages across America. Again, you couldn't make it up!




Socialism has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore it.


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