Britain votes to leave the EU - establishment shocked

Brussels and it's lapdog, the BBC, in shock...

Britain votes to leave the EU - establishment shocked

Published on Thu, 08/09/2016 - 23:37

In the early hours of the 24th of June 2016 it became clear that the British public had voted to LEAVE the corrupt, expensive and failed 40 year project of the EU.


All the lies and fear mongering of the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties failed to scare enough people to want to stay in the EU. The left leaning BBC had throughout (and in the years before) been ludicrously biased in favour of EU membership but DEMOCRACY WON - much to the horror and disgust of the establishment on the payroll of the EU.


And since the vote, the losing side have been very, very bad losers. Making even sillier claims about the wonders of the EU, making threats about non-cooperation and talking down Britain at every opportunity. They even want a re-match, a second referdendum, because they don't like the result!


Fortunately, Theresa May, our new Prime Minister has been clear, 'Brexit means Brexit'. And of course, UKIP will fight very hard to make sure that is exactly what is delivered.


Here is Nigel Farage with a stunning victory speech, outside Westminster...CLICK HERE





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