Vote for Julia Searle for Police and Crime Commissioner on May 5th.

Julia Searle, UKIP candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner

Vote for Julia Searle for Police and Crime Commissioner on May 5th.

Published on Mon, 18/04/2016 - 21:05

'I will pursue your priorities for better policing in Surrey', Julia Searle.
I am standing as UKIP’s PCC candidate because I believe that our police force should be held to account by someone who has not been part of the police establishment.
I will use my experience creating and running two successful businesses to be a strong voice for the people of Surrey, so they get the better policing they deserve.
My core business is concerned with leadership, business strategy, team communication and accountability. My clients would say that I am a ‘tough cookie’ but when difficult questions need to be asked I ask them, a key quality for a Police & Crime Commissioner.
Unfortunately, Surrey Police is failing some victims of crime and not doing enough to protect the most vulnerable in our society. I have first hand experience of this, having seen an elderly aunt who was the victim of fraud let down when the fraudster was not charged.
Worryingly Surrey Police was less efficient in 2015 than it was in 2014 and has been told to take urgent action to improve its effectiveness. This calls into question the suitability of the current PCC to serve for another four years and underlines the need for change.




Be an independent voice from outside the police establishment holding Surrey Police to account and...


* consult widely with Surrey residents to ensure policing meets your priorities 


Increase spending on neighbourhood policing to the national average


Increase the percentage of Surrey Police’s budget spent on frontline policing


Seek higher government funding to meet the cost of policing illegal immigration * Improve the quality and consistency of child protection investigations.


Contact Julia's office:


Surrey Police can and must do better. If you elect me on 5th May, I will ensure that they do.




Diane James MEP, UKIP Justice and Home Affairs Spokesman


“We need more visible policing to reassure the public and deter criminals.”


As a Surrey resident I am very keen that we should have the best possible person in the role of Police & Crime Commissioner and am pleased that UKIP has selected Julia Searle who is an excellent candidate.


I am acutely aware of the pressure being put on the police by austerity cuts, when it is having to cope with a rapidly growing population and unhelpful human rights rulings. Even so it should be possible for the police to allocate more resources to visible policing, which has a strong deterrent value and reassures the public.


Finding the money and implementing the policies necessary to deliver better policing will be easier if we vote to leave the European Union in the upcoming referendum. Some of the £1bn or so we pay every month to the EU could provide extra funds for the police.


Foreign terrorists and dangerous criminals will no longer be able to rely on the European Convention on Human Rights to put their rights above those of the law-abiding majority. So for better policing and a safer country, vote UKIP in the PCC election and to leave the EU in the referendum.



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