Conservative immigration is TOTALLY out of control…

Conservative immigration is TOTALLY out of control…

Published on Thu, 05/05/2016 - 09:07

Tory immigration - completely out of control…look carefullly at this chart from the Office of National Statistics:


But it gets worse...Ministers have been hiding the full scale of EU migration - CLICK HERE.


Before the General Election, David Cameron said he'd get immigration ‘down to tens of thousands’ but he missed by a mile. The official figure for 2014/15 showed 636,000 migrants pouring into Britain, way beyond Labour’s appalling record. Migration Watch estimate even higher numbers when illegal migrants are added.


Our foolish membership of the EU gives anyone with an EU passport the right to come to Britain for work, for benefits, for welfare...or for mischief. We cannot even stop people with criminal records. And other EU countries are dishing out passports like confetti. Meanwhile, highly qualified English speaking graduates, from Australia, Canada or South Africa, with a deep respect for British values are REFUSED entry. It's Tory madness.  


Jan 27th 2016: 'ISIL is taking advantage of EU incompetence to smuggle jihadists into Europe' - Con Coughlin. READ HERE.


The Office of National Statistics have the facts HERE


May 1st 2016: The German people have had enough of the EU immigration free for all: Watch this HERE!


Jan 6th, 2016: BBC News, GP surgeries at breaking point, overwhelmed by new patients: CLICK HERE


Jan 20th, 2016: New ruling will mean vast numbers of Calais migrants will get entry into Britain. CLICK HERE



The Guardian reports: 'Border Security scheme £1 billon wasted'.


National Audit Office finds that system due to be replaced and used to identify potential terrorists regularly collapses with 16 million people going unchecked...


We already have 1.75 million unemployed of our own...


The Tories try to divert attention from the appalling statistics by talking about ‘net’ migration but the 300,000 people who leave Great Britain each year are mostly the best educated, highly skilled, managerial classes. They are wealth creators, people with assets, being replaced mostly by low-skilled or no-skilled, often non English speakers and often with a large number of dependents. And we already have 1.75 million unemployed of our own!


It’s not about race! It’s about space and resources…


It's an easy insult to call UKIP racist but it's simply not true. Uncontrolled immigration hurts immgrant comminuties the worst of all! Our schools, hospitals, welfare services, roads and railways simply cannot cope with such huge numbers. Mass immigration depresses wages and is over crowding our already crowded cities. It is forcing us to abandon our Green Belt in many places. Future projections for traffic congestion will lead to more toll roads.


We’re stealing other countries' young people…


Vast areas of Eastern Europe have been stripped of their young people, many settle in Britain for better benefits and prospects. Most never return. London and southern England is one of the most overcrowded parts of Europe, whilst Eastern Europe is desolate, with declining populations.


Twenty bogus arguments for mass immigration…


From the nonsense about ‘helping the economy’ to ‘immigrants help to pay our pensions’, read on for the facts from the people who know: Migration Watch 'bogus arguments on immigration'. 


Watch our video here: UKIP's common sense views on immigration


Nigel Farage: 'Our immigration policy is built on fairness'. The Daily Telegraph.

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