Tories must STOP new charges for rubbish tips; we'll just get more fly tipping!

Tories must STOP new charges for rubbish tips; we'll just get more fly tipping!

Published on Sun, 15/11/2015 - 11:04


Across much of Surrey,  the Conservatives are cutting corners because they don't have the guts to raise council tax just a little to run essential services properly. We think this is a false economy and results in potholed roads and more fly tipping. Read on... 



From the Farnham Herald


County council to introduce charges at all rubbish tips


in Community News

SHORTENED opening hours and the introduction of charges for DIY waste, gas bottles and car tyres will be made at all Surrey’s rubbish tips in a cost-cutting move to save £1.3 million.

A new post will be created to clamp down on fly-tipping in response to public concern the changes could lead to an increase in fly-tipping.

Under the plans signed off by the county council’s Cabinet last week and due to be implemented next February, Surrey’s 15 community recycling centres will open later in the morning and close earlier in the evening.

This includes the Farnham community recycling centre in Guildford Road.

Reducing opening hours proved to be the favourite option in feedback to the 11-week public consultation on how best to make £1.3 million savings, which triggered more than 4,500 responses.

Further options were charging for household waste, using clear sacks for general rubbish, opening reuse shops on sites and closing some sites.


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