Read 'OUTPOST' and find out why you'll be BETTER OFF OUT of the EU...

Read 'OUTPOST' and find out why you'll be BETTER OFF OUT of the EU...

Published on Wed, 04/05/2016 - 22:04

There are many good reasons to leave the EU, a restoration of our Sovereignty, control of our borders, negotiating our own trade deals with the whole world but the bottom line is you'll be BETTER OFF OUT!


The former Director General of the CBI, John Longworth speaks out against the lies of David Cameron's pro-EU propaganda machine, 'we will be better off OUT': HERE


Norway. Not in the EU, one of the richest countries in the world: Read HERE.


Here's is an economist's crystal clear reasoning on how the EU costs Britain a fortune: Question Time on BBC


'We have already lost £200bn of national income and output by belonging to the EU' John Redwood MP.  Read HERE.


And the lastest economic report in City AM: HERE




Leaving the EU will save households almost £1000. British households will find their money goes much further if the UK leaves the European Union. Indeed, the average household could be £933 a year better off according to a report by Business for Britain, which highlights just how much the EU costs taxpayers and consumers. READ MORE…


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Here are some links to other 'get out of the EU' organisations:




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