A glimpse of the obscene and immoral WASTE of the EU…

A glimpse of the obscene and immoral WASTE of the EU…

Published on Wed, 23/04/2014 - 12:38

The insane waste of the EU knows no bounds! The Tax Payers Alliance: 'Next year taxpayers must fund a £1.7 billion spending spree by the European parliament on what the Times describes as a "private army" for MEPs. The parliament plans to create its own 46-person-strong private armed response team, including a dedicated 12-man group of bodyguards to protect their president, Antonio Tajani. Even more frustatingly, the UK's bill for this is likely to hit £230 million'.


Let's hope this nonsense ends when we leave the EU!


Daily Telegraph: The farce of the EU travelling circus by Robert Mendick


It is perhaps the most outlandish of the European Union’s excesses; a £130 million travelling circus that once a month sees the European Parliament decamp from Belgium to France. Over the course of the weekend, some 2,500 plastic trunks will be loaded on to five lorries and driven almost 300 miles from Brussels to Strasbourg. On Monday, about 1,000 politicians, officials and translators will then make the same journey on two specially chartered trains hired at taxpayers’ expense. A few thousand more will go to Strasbourg by other means, as the European Parliament switches from Brussels, its permanent base, to its “official” home in northern France. For the first time, the full detail of this “madness”, contained in official European documents, can be disclosed today by The Telegraph – and the price to taxpayers is astonishing. Read on…




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