HS2 rail project (How Stupid 2) is an order from the EU. It’s madness…

HS2 rail project (How Stupid 2) is an order from the EU. It’s madness…

Published on Thu, 10/11/2016 - 16:09

The £60+ billion HS2 rail project will destroy large parts of the English countryside but will only take a few minutes off a journey to Manchester. But it’s an order from Brussels so Cameron must obey. It’s madness. The economic case is a tragic-comedy. It will destroy beautiful countryside, forever.


UKIP is the only party committed 100% to stopping it.


So far the Department has made decisions based on fragile numbers, out-of-date data and assumptions which do not reflect real life...

From “High Speed 2: a review of early programme preparation” Public Accounts Committee, September 2013...

Costing £50bn (increasing all the time) the economic case for HS2 must stand up to scrutiny – but it it does not. Patrick McLoughlin has dismissed independent Parliamentary and non-governmental bodies as “bean counters” when they raise concerns about the huge costs and risks of HS2.

Across the world, high speed rail programmes have failed to achieve the grossly inflated passenger numbers used to justify their construction.

 The DfT’s economic case for HS2 has always relied on the assumption that all time spent on trains is wasted. With the advent of technology like tablet computers and mobile phones, even the DfT now publicly admit the assumption is outdated. But the October 2013 economic case relied even more heavily on the idea that time on trains is wasted in the Benefit Cost Ratio calculations.

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