'A vote to remain is a vote for Turkey in the EU' - think about it!

'A vote to remain is a vote for Turkey in the EU' - think about it!

Published on Wed, 25/05/2016 - 12:31


25.05.16   The Turkish president’s addiction to power is a disease his country can no longer afford. Read HERE


25.05.16   David Cameron is a fool to be fooled by Turkey...watch this video HERE!


04.05.16 Turkey expected to get EU travel even if key conditions not met. Did YOU vote for this madness? Read more HERE.


13.04.16 The Euro fanatics get a lesson in democracy from the Dutch but of course plan to ignore the result...HERE


09.03.16 Nigel Farage warns about Turkey being admitted into the EU - 75 million Muslims with free access into Europe. HERE.


01.01.16 Nigel's New Year message - listen carefully! CLICK HERE


16.12.15 Another European summit, another farce with David Cameron being ignored by European leaders over his ridiculous 'renegotiations'. CLICK HERE


02.12.15 The EU is overstepping its mandate in giving away billions in taxpayers money to appease Turkey over the refugee crisis. But worse, the EU is preparing the way for Turkey's entry into the EU. Watch this shocking video, our 'other' political leaders are saying nothing. You won't see this on the pro-EU BBC. CLICK HERE.


The BBC - lying by omission for YEARS...


(this is our 'impartial' National broadcaster)


BBC News has a long history of bias in favour of the socialist European Union project. They're clever. They're subtle. They are careful not to show their bias in reporting. They simply 'lie by ommission'. It's an old trick in politics.


You will never see a BBC documentary about vast EU frauds and staggering waste. You will never hear a word about the payments to the BBC and other media businesses across Europe. You will never hear of a BBC investigation into payments to politicians that the EU wants to influence. You will never hear the BBC criticise the corruption at the EU or the way in which the EU seeks to influence schoolchildren with its propaganda and re-writing of history.  If the BBC does run anything mildly critical of the EU, it won't be prime time. It won't be on the New at Ten.


Daily Telegraph: The BBC has received £2m in EU funding in run up to referendum. CLICK HERE


The Spectator: The millions in EU funding the BBC tried to hide. CLICK HERE


It's not about what the BBC tells you, it's about what they DON'T tell you!



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